In honor of concert #4, a look back at my experiences seeing Mumford and Sons
  1. October 2011, Hamilton, ON
    Went with my family, my brothers two closest friends. It was near the one year anniversary of my brothers death, so it was an amazing way to celebrate it as he was the one who introduced me to the band
  2. August 2012, Canandaigua,NY
    I got 2 rows in front of the stage for the last two songs because my cousin snuck me to her seat and I legit cried. Also met the fiddle player and we had to ask the lemonade stand guy to take this and he was done
  3. Hiatus
    Literally just listened to CD on repeat and survived
  4. Seaside Heights, NJ, 2015
    Went a few days before my birthday and I celebrated like no other. Also got to see Alabama Shakes and life was complete
  5. Tonight, Saratoga Springs,NY
    @ali_sewalt pulled the skinny arm in the pic but I wasn't up to going on my toes like I do. Legit still coming down from the emotional high I was on, even after a 2 mile walk back to our motel
  6. This band is the last thing my brother and I shared and I will likely spend paycheck after paycheck seeing them live if they come back