1. Today was my cousins confirmation
  2. So at Mass it was all people I've never seen, never will see again
    Just info that I tell myself to make me feel better
  3. So during the Our Father, most people hold hands with the person next to them
  4. But my family doesn't really do it, we just fold our hands to pray it
  5. Also, i don't think I've ever had a stranger next to me reach for me hand
  6. So today when the kid next to me put his hand out I figured I'd hold it out of a reflex from when we had to hold them in school
  7. I think he wasn't expecting it
  8. But he put his hand out
  9. So I put mine on top
  10. Like as in I literally laid my hand on top of his
  11. I didn't hold his hand
  12. It was flat
  13. Mind you, his hands were three times the size of my tiny hobbit hands
  14. Then the girl next to him kept looking at me
  15. I was probably bright red at this point
  16. And then I had to shake his hand
  17. And then sit next to him for the entire Mass
  18. Again, that's why I keep telling myself I will never see him again