1. Magical suitcase
    I can't tell you how many times I can't manage to fit both my lamp and my mirror in the same bag. It's ridiculous.
  2. A way with kids
    She's stern yet nice and great with the kids
  3. Practically perfect in every way
    I'm only perfect when One Direction tells me I am.
  4. She makes cleaning up seem fun
    You know, a spoonful of sugar makes cleaning my room wash because I am on a sugar rush
  5. That voice though
    In reality, I sound like a cow. That's actually being mean to a cow, they probably sound better than I
  6. It's a jolly holiday with her
    With me, all you get is sarcastic remarks and a resting bitch face. Who's in?
  7. Style is on point
    She jumps in a chalk drawing and still looks lovely
  8. When she grows older she becomes queen of Genovia
  9. Bert
    He's the perfect mix of dopey, funny, and a perfect gentleman. Oh and not real, typical