I took a secret break and I'm feeling listless
  1. Utility knife
    Pointer: don't slash away at the annoying Saran Wrap and then look up to see why someone is screaming across the street.
  2. Pen
    Interesting list so far right?
  3. Standard Sharpie
    I have to mark what each box has because the company failed to do so
  4. Shipment list
    My entire job today is to open boxes, Mark off the items we got in, mark them all on the boxes as well as price them Exciting stuff
  5. Handy calculator
    I have to double prices and I can't be arsed to do it in my head
  6. Millions of boxes
    Technically there are three pallets but I've been doing the same task for two days and I'm on the last pallet finally
  7. Handy cart
    Far too lazy to carry each box from the lawn to inside where it's toasty
  8. Price gun
    Super important
  9. Coffee and roll of the rim chance
  10. Tears
    I can only do this for so long
  11. Now you have an insight of why sometimes teaching is a break from work. But most of the time working here is a break from teaching