Xfiles Characters Ranked

There's a lot more characters, I just can't rank them all man
  1. Mulder
    Easy he's a believer and doesn't give a shit if people judge him. He also is just passionate about UFOs and wants to find his sister.
  2. Scully
    Was pretty sure aliens weren't real, but she believed in Mulder. Developed an open mind which is always good. She was just badass and i loved her
  3. Skinner
    Honestly, thought he was a douche canoe for the longest time, but I ended being like "what a bro"
  4. John Doggett
    Wasn't interested in replacing Mulder, was kind of cynical, but I ended up realizing he added a lot to the plot. I liked the character development
  5. The Lone Gunmen
    I liked them as individuals, but their team is my squad goals. I don't even know what to say other than I liked their dedication to their work and his friendship with Mulder and the other Lone Gunmen. The end of Jump the Shark made me cry buckets
  6. Monica Reyes
    Didn't replace Scully, but took her place on the files. Super cool chick. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what else to say other than she was really open minded and awesome
  7. Jeffrey Spender
    I know he wasn't the nicest, but his dad was the biggest douche canoe in the world, even if he didn't know his dad. He helped a brother out in the end
  8. Brad Follmer
    Low on my list because of obvious reasons.
  9. Cigarette Smoking Man
    Literally no adjectives could be used to describe my hatred for him. Also smoking is fine, you do you, but smoking in a closed room with other people is just irresponsible