I have a habit of not putting things away because I never know if I'll need them in the near future. The logic there is that it would be more time consuming to put things away and dig them back out than it would be to just leave them where they lay. It's not a very sound theory
  1. My room is an explosion of clothes and books
  2. I have more clothes piled up in my chair than I do in my closet
  3. My bookcase is so full that the shelves are bending
    I've started creating small piles of books next to the bookcase
  4. There are two empty paper bags from Walgreens on my floor
  5. Also a Christmas stocking
  6. The ravine between my bed and bedside table is riddled with empty water bottles
  7. For some reason I keep all holiday and birthday cards so there is a drawer full of those
  8. Another drawer full of bubble wrap
    You never know
  9. There are hangers strewn across the ground
    But those are really only there to remind myself that I need to tidy up