When I was younger (8-14) my friends and I would do all sorts of odd things to entertain ourselves. Here are a few of them.
  1. Reenacted pirates of the Caribbean in an above ground swimming pool
    It was 10x10, 3.5 ft deep and a whole lot of fun
  2. Pretended to be river otters who wore cloaks and had a monetary system composed of plastic pirate treasure
    My friend's favorite animal was an otter and she loved medieval fiction
  3. Built giant outdoor forts with tarps and pvc piping. There were even separate rooms and we built benches out of scraped wood
    Two dogs kept pooping in the fort so we dug a latrine and they actually used it... Simultaneously awesome and disgusting
  4. Neighborhood wide Nerf Gun wars
    Need I say more?
  5. Manhunt and capture the flag
    A birthday tradition
  6. Once a week we'd have these epic Star Wars battles with all the neighborhood kids. It was a byol affair, as in bring your own lightsaber.
    One year I broke someone's finger after executing a vicious spin move