Per Cappy's request. Immediate area is a loose term in my book. Here are my favorite breakfast spots in the city because God knows food options at Temple are lacking.
  1. Parc
    My favorite brunch in the city. How can you beat their bread basket? You can't. Also a sucker for outdoor seating which they have plenty of
  2. Sabrinas
    It's the standby for a reason. It's so fucking good. Takes me at least 15 minutes to decide what I'm getting whenever I go here because everything is bangin.
  3. Talula's Garden
    The menu changes seasonally which is dope. Best granola I've ever had. Cheaper option is Talula's Daily which is right next door. Same amazing food just in casual cafe setting.
  4. Philly Style Bagels
    The hottest new breakfast spot in the city and so close to Temple in Fishtown!!! 🐠
  5. Winnie's Lebus
    Okay so not quite immediate area. This one is in Manayunk but worth the venture.
  6. Federal Donuts
    They are magical