What wonderful works of cinematography
  1. Zenon
    What happened to Protozoa
  2. Smart House
    The part when a three tiered dessert tray pops out of the counter top....
  3. Brink
    We skate for fun. We're soul skaters
  4. Get a Clue
    Lindsey Lohin's best work aside from the Parent Trap
  5. Wish Upon a Star
    Perhaps one of the most scandy DCOMS. The older sister gets a hickey omfg!!
  6. Horse Sense
    The best of the Lawrence brothers films
  7. Johnny Tsunami
    Johnny's grand pop is kinda my spiritual guide
  8. Double Teamed
    Bas ket ball is my favorite sport
  9. Stepsister from Planet Weird
    The name alone is amazing
  10. Honorable mentions: Motocrossed and The Thirteenth Year