This semester I seem to really enjoy Wednesdays
  1. My first and only class of the day is at 4 pm
    I can either sleep in and or do fun activities
  2. I saw a criminal trail this morning at the Federal Court House
    This was mandatory for my Legal Studies class but actually ending up being pretty cool. Blame it on the Elle Woods in me but I find trials very interesting
  3. I had the best hummus in Philly for lunch
    If you haven't had Zahav hummus (see my last list) you should. And now it's easy to! The owner of Zahav opened Dizengoff, a restaurant serving only hummus. The flavors change daily so follow them on Insta!
  4. Real Housewives of New York premieres tonight
    It's a guilty pleasure what can I say
  5. It's really like my Thursday
    You know that feeling of relief when you make it to Thursday? Well, I have off on Fridays so that feeling comes a day earlier for me. Wednesday's are my "you have one day left until you can blow off homework for three days and pretend like next week won't be the same living hell as it was this week" day.
  6. Dollar Bud Light at Draught Horse
    Although I don't always participate in this spectacular special I like having the option to participate.
  7. Bernie Sanders is here
    Temple is feeling the Bern today. I personally think the options for President are SLIM PICKINS this election but having him on campus is pretty damn cool
  8. I realized I only have 9 class days left before exams start
    I glanced at the calendar today only to realize we've made it to the home stretch people! Everyone pray I pass micro!!!
  9. I booked plane tickets to visit my best friends out west this summer
    AHHHHHH me and Tara are hitting the road and heading to Portland, Seattle and LA. Holy shit is this real life??!!