Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy for Some Reason

Just a few of the things that make me happy
  1. My Lucky back in 2009. He was the best dog, hands down. RIP 💜
  2. Kit French from Parachute. Sigh, he was beautiful, but didn't wear his wedding ring while he performed, but then put it on after the show. Such a great band.
  3. Me & One Direction the second time around. Harry is an angel.
  4. My mom channeling her inner Spock in our hometown.
  5. My boyfriend being a basic betch on spring break three years ago.
  6. "Look at all those chickens!" Best vine ever.
  7. My friend and I successfully attaching her headboard to my car's roof for transport. "We're hot and self sufficient."
  8. My temporary tattoo.
  9. Baby chameleons!!! I want one.
  10. Me and my giant icee.
  11. Just my dad being one of the most influential communications people in the whole industry. I'll always miss him. RIP 💜💜
  12. My friend and I at the top of the Hollywood sign hike!
  13. This man with his giant cabbage. Need I say more?
  14. "Uh, yes, yes, you're beautiful."- Mr. Krabs
  15. My first bowl of authentic ramen. Sooooo yummy.
  16. Always my favorite
  17. My first floral arrangement created with some awesome help!
  18. Taylor Swift Concert!
  19. My giant Grumpy Cat. She is perfect.