Things I Should Be Doing, but Instead I'm Lying in Bed

i'm a lazy slob who has many tasks to complete, but i'm watching pride and prejudice again
  1. go for a run
    i have a half marathon in 63 days
  2. clean up my room
    i have 3 months worth of clothes lying on the floor
  3. take my dog on a walk
    she's too energetic, i can hear here running around from up here on the second floor.
  4. clean out my car
    8 months worth of fast food receipts and straw wrappers everywhere
  5. study for the FE exam
    i guess i could attempt to further my career
  6. find friends
    a difficult task, considering my crippling complacency
  7. move away from midland
    this should be number one
  8. create a new identity
    this is number two
  9. start a new life
    as a small business owner who owns her own concert venue. or comes up with the random facts espn uses during sports broadcasts.
  10. get rid of the old mcdonald's bag on the floor next to my bed
    it's making my whole room smell like onions.