Things I've Done in NY So Far

I just moved here so...
  1. Almost got hit by a car
    Apparently you can only jaywalk when the street is empty.
  2. Went out in a flash flood warning in plastic flip flops
    Note: NY is not clean enough to do this.
  3. Ate at the same diner 3 mornings in a row
    New York scares me.
  4. Left my umbrella in a taxi
    Why is it so rainy and cold in June?
  5. Got yelled at by another customer at a Peruvian restaurant
    Excuse me sir, I was here first.
  6. Almost got hit by another car
    Aren't taxis supposed to stop for you?
  7. Almost fell over into a port authority toilet
    Note to self: do more squats.
  8. To be continued...
    This is gonna be an interesting year...