Things That Happened During a Timeshare Sales Pitch

I won a raffle, but to claim my prize I had to sit through a 90 minute sales pitch...worth it?
  1. Sat in the waiting room for 30 minutes
    They're making me work for my free prize
  2. Observed the staff standing around in a huddle
    Am I going to die here? What kind of scam is this?
  3. The sales people proceeded to come out one by one and call a name
    Think wheel of fortune: come on down!
  4. My name was called!
    Hello Darryl, nice to meet you
  5. I'm brought into a big room with the other groups, watching a big screen and a tall, skinny white man with a radio voice welcome me in
  6. There's an ant on Darryl's shirt
    I hope he's not allergic to fireants
  7. Wow look at that ant go...
  8. He's on the collar! Don't go there, ant!
  9. Back down the sleeve he goes...
  10. This presenter is clearly a vocal celebrity
    Oh no, he called on me...Hershey kisses? Not bad
  11. Next room: the hard sell
    No sir, I will not be buying a time share today
  12. The hard sell #2
    Wow you're the manager? Thanks for making me feel special
  13. Hard sell #3
    It's not going to happen sir...
  14. New room: waiting for the gift experts
    This is it, this is where I die
  15. Scratch off for $49,000
    I didn't win
  16. Walked out the door with a free cruise and another trip to an exotic location👍
    Not too shabby eh?