This goofy, wonderful, perfectly imperfect series has been a part of my life from my misunderstood late teens to my current career-y domestic bliss-ish of my 30s.
  1. What ever happened to Rune? I feel like maybe he tried to open the first Stars Hollow Medical Marijuana Dispensary
  2. Lorelei: iOS or Android?
  3. More Emily. Kelly Bishop is a dream to watch. Impossibly imposing yet curiously vulnerable and almost too human.
  4. Lane starts recording kids music with fellow Nutmegger Rivers Cuomo.
  5. Michel's thoughts on Lady Gaga
  6. A meta cameo from Aaron Sorkin
  7. A continuation of the unsung bad ass, Paris Geller. Unapologetically ambitious and smack down smart. Loyal but not irrationally so, loving and honest.
  8. Better written man characters. It's kind of fun that GG would only barely pass a gender-flipped Bechdel test, but give them something more than brooding and pining, please!