From an employee to you.
  1. Unicorn Horn bubble bar
    The greatest lavender bubbles to happen to your bath. Feel like a princess. Treat yo self.
  2. Gorgeous moisturizer
    I'm sorry it's $80. But the cold pressed juices, organic butters and oils are worth it 💯
  3. The Comforter? Body Scrub
    Chocolate scrubby moisturizing goodness. This is only available in the Lush Spa gift set.
  4. Flying Fox shower gel
    Honey, jasmine, incredibly moisturizing and sexy. Discontinued but sometimes in the kitchen.
  5. H'Suan Wen Hua
    Literally translates to "hair of the gods." My favorite hair mask.
  6. Jersey Bounce Shampoo
    I think of this as Big's little brother. Still nice and clarifying with the sea salt, but more hydrating with extra protein from free range eggs.
  7. Full Of Grace serum
    Literally the one thing that has saved my skin from pregnancy acne.
  8. Therapy Massage Bar
    Great clean scent, extra hydrating.
  9. Mask of Magnaminty
    Clarifying, exfoliating and hydrating - my favorite mask.