Week of 5/22. What are you digging this week?
  1. Hound Tall Discussion with Moshe Kasher
    A fantastic podcast with an expert and three comedians talking about everything from black holes to burning man. Also Moshe is my fave.
  2. Pregnancy
    This week pregnancy finally got cool. Less nausea, more energy. And I can use my bump as a table.
  3. This dumb dog
    Every morning he steals my snoogle and sniffs my belly button. So weird. So great.
  4. This bear
    After seeing it 10 times at target and pining over it I just bought it. I love it.
  5. The bachelorette
    How did this Canadian goober get a rose?! I'll never understand. But I love it, and I love making fun of it with @tomedon.