1. +1 point facial hair of some kind
  2. -1 point facial hair that is groomed into odd shapes
  3. +1 point picture of you with a pleasant look on your face
  4. -1 point picture of you scowling or looking longingly at a woman in your picture
  5. +1 point you are dressed like a normal human being
  6. -1 point you are dressed like a wizard... I love Harry Potter, but really?
  7. +1 point you have a puppy or dog in your picture with you... Warning, I might just want to play with the dog.
  8. -1 point you have a cat or cats in your pic... No thanks...
  9. +1 point you are doing a hobby in your picture.
  10. -1 point you're bombed out of your mind and don't even know a picture is being taken
  11. Tally up and swipe right/left accordingly