The five things in my kitchen I can't cook without.
  1. Grater
    I always buy my fresh cheese in a chunk at the store and grate it as close as possible to serving the dish.
  2. OXO 12" Tongs
    Essential for transferring long pasta from boiling water to sauté pan - also handy for plating pasta into "nidos", or nests in bowls before serving.
  3. Simple Salt Crock
    I like to add salt progressively throughout cooking - a salt crock nearby makes this easy.
  4. Copper Skimmer with Bamboo Handle
    Perfect for fishing out veggies from boiling water - as well as short pasta shapes.
  5. Oval French Oven
    I love to braise; it's a great comfort food technique that brings flavored together - a heavy, wide casserole pot is essential.