I accidentally read an article about the pork industry and the alleged toxicity levels found in pork.
  1. You can no longer have bacon. Which means nothing ever tastes good anymore.
  2. You're the annoying person who asks for an ingredients list at every restaurant.
  3. Your friends start out being supportive, then one day you tell them you can't eat the pepperoni pizza at movie night. And you watch the disgust wash over their faces.
  4. You lose all hope for ever enjoying food again.
  5. Then you realize that you CAN actually live a perfectly normal life without pork.
  6. You read another article about the meat industry in general. That was a bad decision.
  7. You start rehearsing sentences like "yeah I think I'm going to be plant-based for a while" to yourself in the mirror.
  8. You buy a juicer.