Highs and Lows of Summer Vacation 2016

Saint Augustine, Florida. It was good but it also sucked.
  1. Getting away 👍🏼
    And having a beautiful view to wake up to every morning.
  2. Early wake up call every morning. 👎🏼
    Sharing a beach house with a couple of tots when you're a couple of DINKs is an adjustment for sure.
  3. Visiting the local distillery 👍🏼
    Free tour with free booze.
  4. Your cat dying while you're on said vacation 👎🏼
    Pour some for my fallen homie at the next distillery tour. BEST. CAT. EVER. (He's not dead in the picture. Just to clarify.)
  5. Drinks at the Ice Plant 👍🏼
    Dusk Til Dawn is the best drink I've had in my life! I don't drink much but I feel the $22 I paid for 2 drinks was money very well spent there.
  6. Watching someone reel in a shark on the beach right outside my door. 👎🏼
    He released it but the poor thing has a huge hook stuck in its mouth... If it survived the trauma. And thanks for drawing the sharks in towards shore with your bait, fisherman.
  7. Dinner 👍🏼
    We ate at some yummy places, Harry's, The Columbia, Meehans, A1A Alehouse... Delicious food.
  8. Going to bed 👎🏼
    Although I slept like a baby in this bed, my husband and I spent a week living like we were on I Love Lucy the early years... Separate twin beds. I'll be honest it had its advantages as well as its disadvantages.
  9. Hitting up our favorite pub. 👍🏼
    Ann O'Malley's for a cool pint and a good sandwich in the middle of the day, there's nothing else like it!
  10. Florida 👎🏼
    It's hot. I live on the opposite coast of Florida, it's hot there, too.
  11. Shade 👍🏼
    Makes Florida bearable.
  12. Nightmares 👎🏼
    About this creepy baby doll you saw on an old home tour.
  13. Night time crab walks on the beach 👍🏼
    More thrilling than it sounds. *no crabs were harmed in these crab walks.
  14. Finding a dead crab on your crab walk. 👎🏼
    Just sad.
  15. Architecture and history 👍🏼
    Plenty of that on the historic coast.
  16. Going home. 👎🏼
    It's so hard to say goodbye...
  17. Spending a week with family and friends 👍🏼
    The best part.