What the Gif is this?

The gifs that come up that best represent me when I Google my name.
  1. Lindsey Graham, domesticated cephalopod.
    Maybe I am an octopus? 🐙
  2. Lindsey Stirling
    I don't know who she is, a violinist apparently, but she looks like a fan of The Legend of Zelda and so am I.
  3. Linds(a)y Wier, Freaks and Geeks
    I am a geek and this speaks to me on many levels.
  4. Linds(a)y Lohan
    She was bound to come up in the search. Here she is at a point in her life where I could actually relate to her.
  5. Linds(a)y Bluth Fünke, Arrested Development
    My favorite gif of them all. The one Linds I'm proud to have in my corner... Even if it misspelled with an 's-a-y'. 🐔