The Things I Worry About

I shouldn't stress over these things, but I do.
  1. The way rappers spend their money.
    Tyga! Save a dollar, stop buying cars. For some reason the threat of rappers' riches dwindling away makes me stressed out. Why I care about their financial situations I do not understand.
  2. Late classmates
    When we have done roll and a classmate comes in late I worry that they will be marked down as absent. I want the teacher to stop the class to get their name down. It's gotten to the point where I almost can't focus on the material until it is addressed, and sometimes it never is.
  3. When automatic water faucets continue after you're done using them
    My first question is a two parter: A. Will this ever end ? B. Did I pick the one broken faucet/ is this my fault? And my second (also a two parter) is: Am I not cleaning my hands for the appropriate amount of time/ am I gross ? I understand this could have been organized as a four part reaction but, I'm keeping it as two, two-parters so I can sleep at night.
  4. Being sung Happy birthday
    I can feel my entire face when people sing to me. This only leads to awkward expressions, not knowing where to look and not knowing what to do with my hands.
  5. Touching a door handle that has been peed on
    In high school a boy asked me to open his car door for him, thinking he was corky and I wanting to be liked I went for it no questions asked. Not even: Why ? Or: Are you unable? Or anything I should have. Anyway I open the door to find out moments later that someone had peed on its handle as a prank but he dodged it with me as the sacrificial lamb. As disgusting and embarrassing as it was I still tried to keep my cool but have been traumatized / worried about repeating this incident ever since.
  6. My phone turning against me.
    Anytime I am talking shit or singing the wrong lyrics to a song I have moments of panic that my phone has called someone.