I love emojis. Sadly I don't love typing on my phone and much prefer doing things through my laptop (which makes emoji-ing truly difficult. But when I CAN use them, these are almost always the ones I'm using in any given message I'm sending out.
  1. 🦄 - For obvious reasons. What's better than a unicorn?? In case that's not enough of a reason... This is also because I've come to equate this as my emoji identity among friends.
  2. 🐬/🐳 - Because whales and dolphins are my favorite animals.
  3. 👌🏻 - To confirm plans or express my agreement of most things my bestie suggests.
  4. 🤓 - Because I like to show my nerdy side more often than not.
  5. 😘 - To give the boyfriend some texty love
  6. 😏 - When I'm feeling sassy/suggestive
  7. 😊 - When someone compliments me or makes me feel especially loved.