F**ked Up Recurring Dreams

As a young kid I had many recurring SCARY AF dreams.
  1. The tornado dream (keep in mind I was born in the SF Bay Area so there were no tornados)
    In these dreams my house would be picked up and tossed around like a doll house as I tumbled around inside. I always lived but the house was always destroyed
  2. The running dream
    There was a great sense of fear in these dreams like I was running for my life endless running. I would never get tired in the dream but I would always wake up exhausted.
  3. Shark in a swimming pool dream
    I'd be in a pool having fun with friends. We'd be playing Marco Polo or something. At one point I'd slip under the water to have a look around. Everyone would be gone and then a door in the deep end would slide open and out would swim the shark. Terrifying!
  4. The F'in Flying Monkeys
    Yep, from the GD Wizard of Oz. Ughh they would always show up outside my bedroom window. I could see their red eyes peering through the shutters and hear them scratching on the glass to get in. I would wake up in a silent steam until I caught my breath and could really cry for help. My parents regretted let me watch that movie.
  5. The lights won't turn on dream.
    This was one of those dreams where you'd think you were awake but you really were not. It would of course be pitch dark and I would be startled by something. I'd go to turn on the lamp and click nothing. I'd continue in a panic from room to room and none of the lights would come on. Each time I'd become more petrified. I would always wake sitting up in a cold sweat!