I have had a few. Some good some bad but all attached to memories. The name my parents gave me is Lisa
  1. Sa
    This is what my younger brother called me when he was a baby. He still calls me SA.
  2. Sissy
    This is what my mom referred to me as when speaking to my younger brother.
  3. Lee
    My uncle called me Lee which I hated but for some reason it was ok for him and only him. I cringe if anyone else tries to call me it.
  4. Bacon
    My best friend called me bacon in reference to a commercial of the 70's not sure exactly what the product was but the tag line was something like "Move over Bacon now there's something meatier." Lol
  5. Cha-Cha
    This was another one my bestie called me. She was Chi-Chi. This was believe it or not a boob reference.
  6. Spinach
    Used mostly in grade school when kids thought it rhymed with my last name which was Fenech. I did not agree. Hated it! It straggled into High School but not too long.
  7. Sparky
    This was the next I could remember. Also in High School. Given also by a bestie. The reason is because I always had a lighter. Yeah..
  8. Marlboro
    Given to me by a male co-worker cause he saw that's the brand I smoked. This was in College. He was cute so it didn't bug too much.
  9. Jalapeño
    Another bestie in college handed this one out. We ate a lot of Jack in the crack(Box). Many Jalapeño poppers were consumed. Good lawd.
  10. Those were the days!
  11. Since then I am mostly
  12. Auntie
    By my Niece and Nephew
  13. & Mommy, Mom, Mama
  14. And still SA by my baby bro and his wife😊👍🏼