Proof that Disneyland is NOT the Happiest Place on Earth

Huge fan of DLand. Had a Season Pass when I lived in So Cal. But have to say when I first took my kids they were traumatized for years after. And this is why.
  1. It's so crowded it's ridiculous. Everyday of the week any time of year. It just doesn't matter. When you're a wee one its hella overwhelming.
  2. Big scary furry animals that come outta nowhere, dance around and don't speak!
  3. It is so loud that you cannot hear yourself think. Between the rides and the music, the yelling and the crying. You get the idea.
  4. It's sometimes hotter than hell!
  5. Oh and don't forget the lines.
  6. So next time you are there just take a look around and you will see proof. Like..
  7. This
  8. And this
  9. And..this
  10. But then there's this..
  11. And finally just in case you haven't already realized.
  12. Enjoy😉