Scary Shit!!!

Self explanatory. Shit that scares the shit outta me.
  1. Tom Cruise and f'in Scientology.
  2. This fuckin guy! But mostly any Clown. Whoever thought this was a good idea had no idea!
  3. White scary paneled vans. Scared of em since I was a kid! Many a horror story was told of being snatched up by one. To this day I will not park next to one.
  4. Ain't nothin but a flying rat. Saw one get stuck in a ladies hair one time at a lake. Been petrified ever since.
  5. Furries! What the hell?? Not to mention what's in the background of this pic. Jeeeezuus!!
  6. These freaks of not so much nature. Why people? Why???
  7. For oh so many reasons! SMH!!!
  8. Flan! Gack! It's just so in un-natural!
  9. Rats
  10. Cockroaches
  11. Hoarders