Memories of mischievous mishaps with my lil' brother.
  1. The time we set the neighbors backyard on fire with sparklers.
    Thank god for long garden hoses. Ps. Never throw sparklers over a fence
  2. The time we blew up dads lawn with an m80.
    Left a ginormous crater. Dad was not happy.
  3. The time we set the family room carpet on fire when you threw a jumping jack fire work at me through the open door.
    We tried to hide the burn hole with a large potted plant. The problem was the hole was I the middle of the room.
  4. The time my brother fell out of our tree house and landed on a board with a nail in it that went straight through his hand Jesus style.
    That was a fun emergency room visit.
  5. The time I hung myself by the arm thinking I could jump out of the same tree house with the rope wrapped around my hand.
    I was temporarily a crying piñata until someone came with a ladder.
  6. The time I slid Scorpion style on my face while attempting to ride down a very steep hill on my skateboard.
    And then the scream I let out when my Gma poured hydrogen peroxide all over the open face wound. Another exciting emergency room visit.
  7. The time we both simultaneously got our heads suck in the banister on the stairs and couldn't get out.
    Mom had to call the fire dept. so they could cut us out.
  8. The time I tried to put up Christmas lights in the front yard when it was raining.
    Not many can say they've been electrocuted and lived.
  9. The time we drove grandmas car through the closed garage door.
    Grandpa was pissed!
  10. And last but not least; the time my brother and I convinced our much younger brother that when he heard the HBO theme song he should run and hide because it meant the boogie man was coming.
    He bought it hook line and sinker. Sometimes we would both hum it just to watch him run.
  11. Those were the days.😊