Ordinary things that made me smile this week.

  1. This cover.
  2. Yet another literary coffee mug that has been allowed into my home. (And book.)
  3. Fancy new stationary
  4. This pen.
  5. Donny. This record is perfect.
  6. Master P's interludes on Solange's new album. Also F.U.B.U.
  7. Cocktails alongside this sculpture that Dr. Seuss made. (Perhaps less ordinary.)
  8. Lay Lady Lay. (Regardless of whether or not the Nobel was deserved, this song never runs out of come hither.)
  9. Arranging the menu, the venue, the seating.
  10. Revisiting the best galley letter of all time.
  11. My pal Cristina's novel out in paperback.