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Woo! About 6 more weeks until Summer vacation! And then you realize there's stuff to worry about still. Listed in order of imminence. Don't remember the correct use or spelling of this word right now.
  1. State testing
  2. Possible grade level change
    Currently doing my 2nd year in 3rd grade in a new district and happy where I am. However, my principal just sent out a survey to the staff to see our preferences in the case we needed to change grades, rooms or possibly teach a combo class. 😩
  3. 4th quarter report cards.
3 weeks off. Half of break is done. Working out on the treadmill twice a day while watching shows. Small dent in my shows.
  1. Jane the Virgin
  2. Fresh off the Boat
  3. Bojack Horseman
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Lots of new opportunities and fortunes coming to our family. I'm a little ashamed that most of these dreams require money. That's reality. Money does buy happiness 😔
  1. Teacher raise and retro check.
    What a treat! 6% raise started this month and dependent's health insurance premium lowered. 5 months retro for both!
  2. More savings with more money.
    Started already putting more money into retirement investments. Saving for a new truck for the end of the year.
  3. Son will start TK-transitional kinder in my district.
    He's growing up! I'll also save approximately $800/mo from quitting private preschool starting on July.
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To remind myself every month when I get a little crazy and want a second
  1. International trips starting relatively soon with the 4 year old would be possible
    Paris, Tokyo...
  2. Pumping milk during recess
    I'm a teacher. I was able to BF my son for just about 2 years because I was not working. A working BFing mom is just more stressful.
  3. Sleep.
    It was last year that I began training my son to stay in his own bed, roughly a year after I weaned him. I think I like getting 7+hrs of uninterrupted sleep now.
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My first year teaching full time at a new school/district is coming to an end-yay! Some indulgences I'm looking forward to are:
  1. Going away to Santa Barbara for a family staycation for 3 days.
    We've rented a studio that's 3 blocks from the beach. Looking forward to walking to the beach, downtown, farmers' market, and saving money by cooking most of our meals.
  2. Orange is the New Black
    New season hits the 2nd week of June!
  3. Being at home with the family.
    My husband is transitioning to part time work, and my 3 year old will no longer go to preschool. Lots of family time. Lots of time to garden and catch up on small projects.
4 more...
  1. I want to meet the 6 new cheetah cubs at the Wild Animal Park.
  2. Half interested in seeing the Lego batman movie. GOB's voice is so alluring, I'll watch him in anything.
  3. Want to click on "Sad Ben Affleck" but feel guilty to get a laugh at another person's misfortune.
2 more...
  1. 1.
    Queasalupa from Taco Bell. Damnit, Deadpool previews. I don't watch tv, but then when I go to the movies I get dumb ideas like these.
  2. 2.
    New crazy Lays flavors. Korean BBQ, Olive Oil/Herb, and Habanero. The first sounds the most intriguing.
  3. 3.
    New vegan Ben and Jerrys. I'm not vegan, but I'd like to taste just to know.
Otherwise known as good advice that people reject.
  1. Therapy is good for you
  2. Don't give into having a 2nd baby...yet
  3. When in doubt, go ahead and buy both
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Heaven would be indulging in all of these in one day 😈
  1. Massages
  2. Truffle cake from Hans and Harry's
  3. Sleeping in
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Should put together a budget... But I have birthday coupons for DSW and free cosmetics from Sephora!
  1. 1.
    Spring boots from DSW
  2. 2.
    Hair and makeup stuff from Sephora
  3. 3.
    Steak to cook
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