A List of Things I Wish I Like but Don't or Can't

Just because something is popular or cool to like. I'm open minded. I gave these 2nd chances, but NO. Then there are things that I miss out because I just can't.
  1. Star Wars (don't). Boring.
  2. Unlimited mimosas at Sunday brunch (can't). Since I'm Asian and thus allergic to alcohol, I just get bright red and get a pounding headache instead of a pleasant buzz. I'll get my money's worth of lobster claws at Tom Ham's though.
  3. Running (don't). A survival skill, not a form of enjoyment. Wish I liked it because it'd probably improve my mood and take the jiggle out of my ass.
  4. My job as an elementary teacher. Just got back in the saddle from a 3 year hiatus. Secretly think I should leave now before I feel I need to stay until retirement. I'm only 33.
  5. Knitting. No discipline to count stitches. Projects have been crappy.