To remind myself every month when I get a little crazy and want a second
  1. International trips starting relatively soon with the 4 year old would be possible
    Paris, Tokyo...
  2. Pumping milk during recess
    I'm a teacher. I was able to BF my son for just about 2 years because I was not working. A working BFing mom is just more stressful.
  3. Sleep.
    It was last year that I began training my son to stay in his own bed, roughly a year after I weaned him. I think I like getting 7+hrs of uninterrupted sleep now.
  4. Convince myself that the siblings would become rivals
    I have a few friends/acquaintances in their 30s who are estranged from their siblings, namely brothers. We try to convince ourselves that siblings will be the best of friends as children and as adults. There are no guarantees.
  5. Diapers
    Let's not do that again. Also I gave away my cloth diapers. 💸
  6. No more rooms in the house.
    Let's just stay comfortable, shall we? My husband considered giving up his office and getting some kind of granny flat/office built in the back. Ehhhh. 💸 rather spend money on a new fence, hard wood floors, French doors, etc.
  7. Gestational diabetes
    I had it. Didn't like limiting what I ate. Most likely would get it again.
  8. Would feel guilted into visiting family with the new baby.
    They live only 1.5 hrs away. However when I drove my infant son, he cried blood hell on most trips. Most trips I had to travel alone because my husband was working. I'd stop multiple times to feed my son or just to soothe him with my breast. No one comes to SD on a regular basis to visit except for one of my sisters.
  9. Husband doesn't want another baby.
    It'd be easier if he were ok with getting a vasectomy, but he is not comfortable with the potential side effects. I think that's fair. He compromised by giving me one.
  10. My son is awesome.
    Is just be disappointed with the next one. Won't be as smart, cute, cool, etc.