My official list dating profile

This is an all inclusive list of what I have to offer
  1. I may only sometimes smell good, but I usually don't smell bad
  2. My family comes with minimal baggage
    I mean have you seen what airlines charge nowadays? Baggage costs are at a all time high
  3. I mumble a lot
    Which means you can pretend I'm saying basically anything you want to hear
  4. I like short-medium walks.
    I'm low key out of shape. But high key willing to work on my fitness if that's something important to you.
  5. I can read.
    Literacy is hot if you ask me
  6. I can also read music.
    Not as hot but decent
  7. I have low quality food standards
    Want to go try that super ghetto looking restaurant? Let's do it.
  8. I'm not attached to my parents
    You won't have to deal with them very much
  9. Worked at UPS
    Has given me valuable skills.
  10. I'm pretty decent at a lot of things.
    So I can do things you like to do, but won't be great at any of them.
  11. I have a car
    Assets are attractive
  12. I'm decently funny
    Can probs make you laugh
  13. Id say that's about it.
    Hit me up.