1. Freestyle bubble wrapping
    I definitely don't go with the wrapping status quo
  2. Fax checker
    I watch them like a hawk
  3. Peanut gallery
    I have an impressive packing peanut art portfolio
  4. Copy cat
    Do one copy job for someone about felines and no one ever forgets
  5. Bind your own business
    I have a reputation of helping small business owners reach their full potential through bound books
  6. WWE boxing champion.
    I couldn't think of an acronym for wwe
  7. Box century awards
  8. Professional stacker
    This is real. A driver told me he wished I worked everyday cause apparently the other employees don't stack as well as I do. He said he "didn't want to drop names.
  9. Everyone ships it.
    Me and ups is everyone's otp.