This is important
  1. How loud they chew.
  2. How much they like mac n cheese
    It's my staple
  3. What character they are in Mario kart
    I feel like this says a lot about a person. Plus we can't both be toad....
  4. How much they like Nutella
    I don't like competition in the household
  5. How loud they chew
    It's also #5
  6. How they like their celestial mansions
    I'm thinking revamped 1600's Icelandic castle but I'm open to suggestions
  7. How much they appreciate recorder serenades
    It can happen or not, but I should know beforehand
  8. If they will do a choreographed song and dance number with me at our wedding
    Also if chico can be the best man
  9. How they feel about the name summer for our first daughter
    Because I'm strongly opposed