When I listen to music, I can reflect on important life events just by hearing a song that I listened to when the event occurred. These are the albums that have affected my life directly.
  1. Madvillainy
    Upon listening All Caps, I was blown away by the unique creative genius that is Mf Doom. The production in this song, and on the entire album, is breathtakingly brilliant. It's the most well put together album from start to finish listening. It's designed to be heard one track at a time, with out breaks. A truly inspiring album!
  2. Indigiosim
    For what seemed like an eternity, I had lost all hope in the current status of hip hop. With the release of Indigiosim, the first official mixture from the New York rap group The Underachievers, I knew that there was hope for hip hop. It reassured me that there are still rappers who refuse to adapt to the mind dumbing sound of trap beats, egotistical assholes and money crazed tracks. Thank god for theses brace souls.
  3. What's the Story, Morning Glory
    Rock and Roll was never a genre that I could apreciate, until hearing Oasis, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was extremely ignorant when it came to music, and I would only listen to old school hip hop since that was the genre of choice for my older brothers. I finally branched out from hip hop, after hearing Don't Look Back In Anger, Hey now!, Champagne Supernova, and Wonderwall. But my next album, was my real fury step into rock and roll.
  4. Californication
    Arguably the best album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication was the reason that Rock was able to pierce my musical barrier. I often listened to this album while riding my bike down country roads, because it always seemed to fit the mood. Truly a masterpiece, from its dynamic guitar riffs, smooth solos, and soothing vocals.
  5. Liquid Swords
    Liquid Swords combined the Rza's masterful production, with the Gza's methodical rap flow, which inevitably produced an instant classic. This album often goes unnoticed because of Wu Tangs hit album, Enter Wu Tang Clan - 36 chambers. Nonetheless, for me Liquid Swords changed the way I viewed hip hop. It raised the bar for the quality of rap that i would listen to, and was a good comparison for other hip hop albums.
  6. Me Against the World
    Rap sometimes carries a stereotype of negativity and violence, and without Tupac, that stereotype may very well have been true. Me Against the World is pure hip hop. It tells the story of peer pressure, the struggle of young blacks, and even the old, old school rap days! I listened to this album growing up, and it always made me feel happy.