Why Kanye *was* a great rapper (song list)

Kanye's music had definitely gone downfall recently, but he hasn't always been this terrible! These songs show why he had skill.
  1. College Dropout: We don't Care
    The first official album by Kanye, The College Dropout was very different from the material popular rappers were releasing preceding this album. We don't Care started off the album with a smooth slow flow from Kanye, combined with his own up lifting beat. Right off the bat, it was clear he want going for gangster rap.
  2. College Dropout: Two Words
    Two Words was faster paced than many of the previous songs on the album, and stylistically is amazing! Like many early Kanye tracks, the production is breathtaking. The chorus is very similar to Talib's choruses, and is an all around solid track.
  3. College Dropout: Family Business
    Towards the end of the album, Kanye's soft side is brought out in this heartwarming track. It gives a little insight to his childhood, and what his family is like. Lyrically very good, but Kanye also takes an attack on materialism.
  4. Late Registration: Diamonds from Sierra Leone
    In this fast paced track, Kanye brings to light the blood diamonds being harvested in Sierra Leone, and how it's harming the people there. It shows that though Kanye may be an asshole now, but that he wasn't always that way.
  5. Late Registration: Touch the Sky/Late
    These are my 2 favorite songs on this album, and though Touch the Sky is fairly popy, it is too good to ignore. Late on the other hand, does not have the same popular appeal as Touch the Sky, but it really takes you back to all the great aspects of The College Dropout.
  6. Graduation: Good Life
    Out of Kanye's first 3 albums, Graduation has the best production of them all. Good Life is one my favorite Kanye songs, because it manages to combine spectacular production, a banger chorus, and overall catches the essence of "achievement" and a good life!
  7. Graduation: Flashing Lights
    Another example of Kanye's magnificent beat production, Flashing Lights keeps the vibe of the album bright with this track. The entire album is centered around Kanye reaching fame, and him reflecting on the experience. This song certainly has a higher tone to it, with a beat that reminds me of Vegas street life and poperatsys.