This is essentially a self portrait.
  1. Pancakes from Clinton street baking Co
  2. Soup Dumplings from din tai fung
  3. Camp eggs that my dad makes
  4. A maple bar from a drive thru donut place
  5. Pizza from pizza hacker
  6. A steak sandwich from estancia 460
  7. My mom's homemade chicken pot pie
  8. Mission Pie's berry pie
  9. An in n out hamburger no onion, no tomato
  10. Carne asada super taco from taqueria cancun
  11. A Haagen Dazs coffee milkshake
  12. Breakfast risotto from slow club (RIP)
  13. Biscuits from Bubby's
  14. The Yoda Sandwich from Bite me
  15. Churros at Disneyland
  16. Grilled cheese and tomato soup, from my own kitchen
  17. Green beans from Westville
  18. Strawberry shortcake from venieros