First thoughts, this list will be updated once I watch it again.
  1. I loved that the first character we saw was Poe 💗
  2. 😍😍😍😍 REY 😍😍😍😍
  3. Everyone was so sassy, I LOVE IT. 💁🏻
  4. Rey's "no touching" policy: same 🙋🏻
  5. There wasn't a Rey-Poe interaction and that is breaking my heart!!! 💔
  6. Maybe it's me, but I heard a lot of "we have to go back" and I kept thinking about LOST.
  7. I could barely listen to the cantina songs 😥
  8. Rey and Finn friendship is EVERYTHING 👧🏻💕👦🏾
  9. Rey wearing Poe's jacket is my aesthetic 👌
  10. Girls piloting ships made me smile 🛩
  11. I'm not going to talk about that thing that happened that arguably had to happen but it hurt nonetheless 😔
  13. When Leia hugged Rey I was sobbing so hard 😭
  14. The Force Awakens a.k.a. A New New Hope ❤️
  15. To be continued...