1. Third season of House of Cards
    It's just such a slog, ya know? I can't multitask or anything.
  2. The Good Wife
    AKA the Breaking Bad of young female lawyers. "Oh my god, how are you not watching? It's SO GOOD."
  3. Show Me a Hero
    HBO and Oscar Isaac is like the absolute center of my Venn diagram.
  4. Brooklyn 99
    I know, Linda Holmes, I know, LAY OFF ME I PROMISE ILL GET TO IT
  5. New season of The Mindy Project
    I got a Hulu account with my sister specifically to watch it and I just keep forgetting like a dingus. I'm sorry, @mindy - I'm working on it!!
  6. Scream Queens
    I have all seven episodes on my DVR. I may be missing some.