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  1. "It rarely gets above 80"
    This was true and maybe the best part about living in Madison. Being able to walk around downtown for hours without breaking a sweat was remarkable and unprecedented!
  2. "More bars per capita than grocery stores"
    Ok this was true but also kind of annoying because I NEEDED GROCERIES!!!! There wasn't really one major chain like HEB- there was festival and Whole Foods and stuff but not much in walking distance besides the best deli/market in the universe which was a block from my house. Also the bar situation was incredible and I think some of the best bars in America are tucked into the side streets of Madison (caribou, crystal corner, that tiki bar on state)
  3. "It's on an isthmus like can you THINK of a more obscure land formation"
    To this day I can't! This made it feel like I was living on a weird midwestern oasis and I loved it
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I haven't been home since march
  1. Going to WD Deli on a Saturday and they're always playing jazz or cabaret and everyone there feels very cultured and important, so you feel very cultured and important while eating a hot ham and cheese sandwich
  2. Going to the friendly spot and watching spurs games on the projector and there are children everywhere and you have no idea if they can legally be at a bar but it's cool
  3. Getting a blue raspberry raspa from snow monkey or a strawberry paleta from el paraiso and going to Woodlawn lake and listening to yo la tengo aka: every Sunday of my senior year of high school
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  1. Driving your car through Virginia while you were high and going on and on about how nice my sisters neck pillow was and we listened to of Montreal and it felt like we were alone in a forest and everything was baby blue
  2. Sitting in the middle of the Andy Warhol museum wearing little white gloves and leafing through old Union newspapers and whispering about communism while everyone stood around us realizing the table we were sitting at wasn't a display
  3. Walking around downtown Louisville at night trying to walk through the McDonald's drive thru but they didn't let us so we sat on the curb and ate an entire container of tic tacs instead
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  1. Let's go to downtown Nashville!
  2. I just wanna find a nice house in the suburbs that was preferably built in the 2000s
  3. Listening to walk the moon is so fun
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  1. Burn me a mix cd!
  2. Any easily digestible books about urban planning or modern sociology and intersections w technology!
  3. Something from your area for real. maybe an interesting jam or a pin for the local sports team
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Giving myself some credit here cuz I was doing the lords work
  1. Wilco
    An obvious one but it was universally known that if u wanna be my lover u gotta get with my wilco. Few took the plunge but I opened them up to a whole new world and they still know it
  2. Beck
    Not that it's hard to make someone like beck
  3. Dr Dog
    One particularly tragic boy who only liked chiddy bang and pretty lights actually listened to dr dog to suck up to me which worked
  4. Titus andronicus
    (None of them walked away from knowing me genuinely enjoying Titus andronicus)
Home and looking at all my old playlists like hmmmm I don't remember ever actually enjoying any of these bands but Johnny sure did!
  1. Andrew Jackson Jihad
    This one was a long trick I played on myself. I didn't even like a particular boy who liked them, I just thought it made me more marketable to skaters and punks
  2. Buttercup
    This was my high school boyfriends favorite band and I have their entire discography which I never willingly listened to. Unremarkable Texas alt rock
  3. Wiz Khalifa
    What a time in my life
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  1. Where the fuck did all these random new restaurants come from? I was here like 3 months ago??
  2. Why don't my high school friends hit me up!
    ...even though we have nothing in common and I don't particularly like any of them but I just want to prove that I'm way cooler and more interesting than them
  3. I am going to eat all the food I can't have back at school!
    ...even though I'll be back in two weeks and feel bloated and sick constantly
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  1. Babe on VHS
  2. The little red bucket for feeding deer
  3. The crate of water shoes
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  1. The scary painting at the lake that still gives me nightmares
  2. Cafe coco
  3. This dope unedited sunset
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