1. The Stuarts
    Chill kids, the youngest was obsessed w the Underground Railroad and their entire house was filled with nutcrackers. They always had fiber one brownies.
  2. The Labatts
    They were literal heirs to Sysco so they paid really well and id just drive the kids to the arcade. Neither kid could say their "r"s
  3. The Matthews
    We ate a lot of frozen yogurt and played skylanders
  4. The Barnes
    Oh god. the youngest was a huge brat and the oldest was super bossy and thought she was hot shit cuz she read Harry Potter when she was six. but we played chill games like battleship and guess what you're smelling right now. Lots of coloring and a secret rock collection was involved
  5. The Feiks
    They had a cool setup for their hamster but all in all the kids were very forgettable
  6. The Haynes
    Made me not want children :)