1. Driving your car through Virginia while you were high and going on and on about how nice my sisters neck pillow was and we listened to of Montreal and it felt like we were alone in a forest and everything was baby blue
  2. Sitting in the middle of the Andy Warhol museum wearing little white gloves and leafing through old Union newspapers and whispering about communism while everyone stood around us realizing the table we were sitting at wasn't a display
  3. Walking around downtown Louisville at night trying to walk through the McDonald's drive thru but they didn't let us so we sat on the curb and ate an entire container of tic tacs instead
  4. Getting high and listening to Bruce Springsteen on the way to Asbury Park and everything felt abandoned except that little pinball museum
  5. Sitting in the middle of the quad on acid and staring at all the trees and it looked like the leaves were little puzzle pieces and you said "this is all I want for the rest of my life"
  6. Being at rock city standing on that little bridge and I was really scared but you told me if I kept my feet in one place it was impossible to fall
  7. Sitting in the caf and you were opening an orange
  8. The day after my 19th birthday where we rolled around love circle and it was super cold and I kept shaking and we ate hot Cheetos and came up with a new Cheetos branding strategy
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  9. Literally every time we go to Buc-ees
  10. Getting lost in Nantucket trying to find the car and we were dressed super fancy and it felt like we were different people
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