I haven't been home since march
  1. Going to WD Deli on a Saturday and they're always playing jazz or cabaret and everyone there feels very cultured and important, so you feel very cultured and important while eating a hot ham and cheese sandwich
  2. Going to the friendly spot and watching spurs games on the projector and there are children everywhere and you have no idea if they can legally be at a bar but it's cool
  3. Getting a blue raspberry raspa from snow monkey or a strawberry paleta from el paraiso and going to Woodlawn lake and listening to yo la tengo aka: every Sunday of my senior year of high school
  4. Walking along the river walk alone listening to Why? and finding yourself in the touristy part but people always ask you where shit is so you clearly look comfortable and local
  5. Thousand Oaks migas
  6. Riding your bike along east Grayson/ north st Mary's and stopping to take pictures of all the murals and colorful houses that you've seen your whole life but you feel compelled to take pictures anyway
  7. Going to hotel Emma and feeling very bougie with your out of touch high school friends
  8. Drinking tea at mad hatters even though you don't like hot tea that much and walking around king William and petting all the stray cats
  9. Going to el mercado and getting tiny presents for all your out of town friends and eating corn in a cup
  10. Taking 2 hour drives around town and seeing shit you've never seen before because San Antonio is actually massive
  11. HEB