Thoughts I Have Being at Home

  1. Where the fuck did all these random new restaurants come from? I was here like 3 months ago??
  2. Why don't my high school friends hit me up!
    ...even though we have nothing in common and I don't particularly like any of them but I just want to prove that I'm way cooler and more interesting than them
  3. I am going to eat all the food I can't have back at school!
    ...even though I'll be back in two weeks and feel bloated and sick constantly
  4. My cats are really fat
  5. My parents assume I am completely incompetent so I have to prove myself by not listening to anything they tell me to do
    It makes sense in my head
  6. I miss San Antonio so much it's so much cooler and more cultural than Nashville
  7. I'm never going to live Texas ever again
  8. Tacos 😭
  9. I hope I end up as cool and put together as my parents but also simultaneously nothing like them
  10. How convincingly can I pretend I don't see this person I went to high school with in public
  11. How can I end this conversation with my old classmate as soon as possible
    Quick! Before they're casually racist!
  12. Is there a way to live in this city without ever seeing anyone I know?
    Cuz if so I would probably live here
  13. Maybe one day I will be able to go home without reverting to a 15 year old level of maturity