1. So I'm in a class at the community college
  2. Our professor makes some funny jokes and some off-color ones
  3. But normally I can laugh it oft
  4. Tonight, though, he made an explicitly inappropriate joke about sex and porn
  5. There was no laughter
  6. I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't focus for the rest of the lesson
  7. But talking with the other students afterwards, no one seemed THAT bothered
  8. My immediate thought was to file some sort of sexual harassment report at the school
  9. But now I'm doubting myself
  10. I'm still gonna have to go to class and see him
  11. Also feeling silly because I'm a strong independent woman with opinions, so what is wrong with me for hesitating?
  12. Am I making too big a deal out of this?
  13. Thx in advance