1. I realize that not everyone is able to walk, bike, or take public transit to their destination
  2. Driving is sometimes inevitable
  3. I also realize that not all bikers and pedestrians make the safest choices
  4. But as someone who has been hit by a car
  5. Broken bones
  6. Undergone 2 surgeries
  7. Experienced serious trauma
  8. As someone whose partner narrowly avoided injury
  9. By someone who was just not paying attention
  10. (At the cost of a mangled bike)
  11. Please, please be cautious when driving
  12. Remember that your vehicle is a ton of steel
  13. And the human body can never compete against that
  14. Please look in your mirror a second time before turning or pulling out of a spot
  15. Please take a deep breath
  16. Please remember that there are daughters, sons, mothers, friends on the road
  17. And getting somewhere 5 minutes faster is not worth their life
  18. Thanks
  19. I truly appreciate it.