I was not made for a 8 hr workday...
  1. 8:30am- "Here we go..."
  2. 9:30am- "Wow, the day is flying by!"
  3. 10:15am- "Shit, I'm hungry"
  4. 10:45am- "Maybe if I keep drinking water my hunger will subside"
  5. 11:15am- "Oh god, I'm starvinggggg"
  6. 11:30am- "This is it, I'm going to die of starvation at my desk"
  7. 11:35am- "Goodbye, cruel world"
  8. 11:50am- "alsjrneidlsjahebrirkwh"-- my brain
  9. 12pm: "YES, LUNCHTIME"
  10. 12:15pm- "Oh god, I'm so full"
  11. 12:30pm- "Burp"
  12. 12:35pm- "Why did I eat so much food?"
  13. 1pm- "I wonder how I can find a way to leave early"
  14. 1:30pm- "Definitely gotta leave early, I can't stand another 3 hours at my desk"
  15. 2pm- "I'm gonna die at my desk. This day will never end"
  16. 2:30pm- "Two more hours!"
  17. 2:45pm- "Oh god, so tired. Must nap."
  18. 2:50pm- "Why does our clinic not have a napping room?!"
  19. 3pm- "okay maybe I can survive"
  20. 3:15pm- "no, I have to leave. NOW"
  21. 3:30pm- "one more hour!"
  22. 3:45pm- "maybe I can leave just a half hour early, at 4. That's acceptable, right?
  23. 4:30pm- "Oh god, FREEDOM."
  24. *naptime*