My trip to Italy

Trying to just give you the highlights but it was all so amazing
  1. My first picture I ever took in Italy
    This was on the walk from the bus station to my friends apartment. Carrying a heavy bag, wearing a long sleeve in 85 degree weather... but I'm not complaining!
  2. The first meal!!
    Of course it's pizza... It was amazing too
  3. Firenze scenes
    At this point I could barely stay awake but had so much to see
  4. ATTENTION: I fckn love pear raviolis
    The carbonara (pictured on the right) was awesome as well
  5. Obviously have to mention gelato
    Ice cream/gelato is my life
  6. When life hands you lemons in Italy...
    You must be in Capri making Limoncello! I visited the island that created Limoncello, as you can see the lemons are huge!
  7. Welcome to Positano!
    This was the most incredible place I've ever been to. I wish I could post every picture but I won't :/ Anyways I went swimming I that beautiful blue water laid out on that cool grey sand and got to stare at this beautiful scenery! TAKE ME BACK
  8. Not the prettiest picture, I know.
    This is Mt. Vesuvius, the one that you might have learned about in elementary or middle school. If you're like me you remember it and have always been interested in it and I actually got to see it from the bottom and even the top!
  9. Touring Pompeii with Vesuvius in the back! Could the clouds be any more perfect?
    The way the city was preserved basically by dust and then humans were smart enough to excavate it out. As sad as it is to think about what really happened it's super cool!!
  10. Put the fun between your legs!
    A Vespa tour through the Tuscany hillside, tour of a famous Italian castle then a home cooked meal and wine tasting on the vineyard? It all happened to me. OH and I got a pink Vespa! Duh
  11. I ate this waffle
    To be honest I can't remember if I finished because I was in such a food coma
  12. Last but not least
    I was gonna leave you with a picture of me on a bridge with a pretty sunset with the city in the background. BUT LETS BE REAL you clicked on this list to see a cannoli even though they seemed to be Americanized! So here ya go & congrats if you actually made it through this long list